USA 62106
Tombow has re-engineered 62106, 62107 and 62207 to 39ft instead of 52ft and changed the blister pack to say Glue Tape. Tombow 62202 is still available from PENWA with lower pricing and is fully compatible with 62106 applicator.
Convenient, ergonomic dispenser precisely applies film of glue smoothly, quickly, cleanly. Improved applicator tip cleanly cuts adhesive and ensures a smooth application. Permanent for strong bond. Hinged cap protects tip of applicator. Acid-free: ideal for use with memory albums and archival materials. Refillable. 1/3” x 472" (8.4mm x 12m). CK OK and Photographic Activity Test (PAT) approved. A 2004 Creating Keepsakes Magazine Reader’s Choice Finalist.